Trending Car Paint Protection Ideas for 2022


With the commencement of a new year and the end of a long, depressing COVID-filled year, people are fulfilling their resolution of partying in Hawaii, meeting friends at an isolated Island, purchasing a new car and much more. I am sure, you are also on the same or similar lines. 

If this new year, you have bought a new car and you are looking to know the nitty-gritty of your car's shine and gloss protection, you are at the right place. I am going to pen down some essential tactics to keep your car exterior and paint safe from environmental damage. Let's see if you find something useful for your brand new car. 

2022 Car Paint Protection Ideas 

There are a lot of tactics to keep your car new like applying the best ceramic coating for cars, washing it almost daily, etc... Let's see what you can do. 

1. Car Washing

Washing your car frequently is the single most essential requirement for your car's exterior to stay safe and protected. Your car is introduced to new environmental risks every day, one of the easiest ways to remove dirt and dust particles from your car's surface is car washing. You might find it hard at first, but eventually, it will become a good habit for you. 

Tip: Please restrict yourself from going for commercial car washing. The machines and the procedure used for a car wash is very harsh and rough for your car paint. Automatic car wash machines use 'grey water' that has salt in it which is known for damaging the original layer of the paintwork on the surface. 

2. Professional Detailer

There are times when we fall into the trap of saving money and in turn, end up spending more. One of those times is when we see a scratch on our car's surface. If you are willing to remove it by yourself, please consider it again. Applying a scratch remover polish on the paint can enhance it more, making you regret it in the longer run. Hence, it is always better to go for a professional detailer who can guide you better and help you remove the scars and scratches on your car's paint surface. 

Tip: Performing a polishing task with a DIY product is a wrong decision. The DIY products contain glazes that are incorrectly mentioned as polishing resins. These glazes when applied help you hide the scratches on the car's surface, but as soon as the car is washed or with time the scratches reappear. Hence, it is advisable to choose professional polishing through a polishing detailer. 

3. Ceramic Coating

Most people believe that a car's exterior surface does not need additional protection, but considering the extreme heat and environment in Australia, it is essential to at least think about the damage you would do to your car if you do not invest in it a little more than needed.

The ceramic coating offers an additional layer of protection to your car's surface, helping to keep it glossy for years to come. Ceramic coating, if done through a professional, comes with a 7-year warranty that ensures your car gets long-term protection from harmful UV rays and environmental damage.

Tips: The best ceramic coating for cars come with multiple benefits including a 7-year warranty, professional application, damage control and 6-months free check-up for paint scratches and damage caused by heat and climate change.


4. DIY Home Wax Application

Once your car is well-cleaned and ready, its better to put a well-mixed and prepared wax on the painted surface. Car waxes are ideal for brand new cars as it offers more suitable and natural paint protection especially from Australia's harmful rays and changing climate. 

Tips: The best way to apply car wax is to keep the surface clean and cool before applying. Put the wax on the applicator equally and apply it on the surface in a circular motion. Once the wax is applied carefully on the surface, wait for a minute or so to let the wax bond with the paint. Once dried you will notice a dry haze over the painted surface. Once dried completely, buff the surface with a light microfibre cloth in a circular motion. Once the haze is clear, your car is all ready to move out in the Sun with fun confidence.

5. Choose the Colour Carefully

Most of the time, we believe whatever car we take will need additional care, however, that's not the case. The car colour plays a major role in deciding whether your car will need extra protection and care or not. So colours like Silver, White, Yellow and other light colours do not lose their shine very easily. Moreover, these colours do not enhance the scars and scratches present on the painted surface. If we talk about Black, Navy blue and other dark colours, it can be difficult to hide the scars eventually. Hence, here your car will need constant protection and additional care. 

Tips: In any case, to protect your car's shine and gloss you will need to choose protection care for the painted surface considering the Australian environment. Please choose the colour wisely.

6. Avoid Strong Chemical-based Soaps

General washing soaps for car surfaces come with strong chemicals that are harmful to the paint in the long run. Choose a cleaning soap that is pH balanced and does not harm the paint surface in the future. In addition to that, one thing that every car owner should consider is not using general detergents or soaps for cleaning their cars as they are more harmful than the paint in the long run. 

Tips: If you are using the right washing soap for your car surface, frequent washing will not cause your car any damage. It will keep the surface away from environmental damages. 


Avoiding environmental damage is not all about getting a protection film for your car's surface, frequent washing and taking care of it is essential as well.

According to my experience, I can assure you that paint protection is essential and should be considered before taking it out for a drive. Ceramic coating or car wax are some of the best options you can find to keep the paint fresh in the long run. 

However, this is what I have learnt during my time in the industry; you can explore more options and find something that suits your car paint condition.